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Vaping Is So Vogue – Vape Models and How To Become One

In the 1950’s cigarette smoking was the epitome of cool and glamour, now in 2020, smoking has moved from the glamorous to the more marginalised, and vaping companies are introducing models to help bring back that chic style.

Models were once known by appearing on the cover of Vogue and Cosmo, now they help to sell the one of the world’s biggest cultural phenomenon’s. Vaping companies use models to promote their vape kits, vape accessories and eliquid by snapping super stylish Instagram worthy photographs and inviting them to promotional events to be the face of the brand. But what does it actually take to become a model in the vaping industry?

To be a successful vape model you need the obvious interest in smoking vaporisers and vape juice, and you need to have the dedication and motivation to be a freelancer. Most vape models are not connected to any agencies; they work off their own back and usually just for fun. However you can financially gain if you are sponsored by a company in the industry.

Vape models are generally sponsored by different vape retailers and manufacturers. They are usually compensated with free products and even paid placements if they have a big enough social following. Sponsoring these models helps them increase their sales and helps you to discover cool new products.

Having a strong social media platform is key. Social media is your very own online portfolio, and as most industry professionals nowadays are all connected, it is an extremely beneficial way to network and get noticed. Instagram is one of the most powerful networking services for models as it is easy to get scouted, and for people to reach out. It is also a free platform, meaning you can post as many photographs as you like without the monetary costs.

Vape models widely preach about standards. They suggest producing as much content as you can but never compromising on quality. They also believe in being authentic and representing what you love, Chrystianna from the Electronic Cigarette Convention said, “Find your favourite vape juice and post about it all the time, you have got to put effort into your content, go outside and take good pictures and find scenic places, there’s so much you can do”.

So it sounds pretty simple right? Grab your favourite vape juice, take some good quality snaps and hit upload. Take the first step to being the next big vape influencer.


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