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Your Head is Literally in the Clouds – What are Cloud Chasers?

To put it simply, a cloud chaser is someone who uses a vape kit or an e-cigarette to blow such an intense puff of smoke that it becomes a cloud. A cloud of wonderful scents may I add.

As unpretentious as this sounds, it has actually become a craft and people regard it to be a recreational hobby.

Cloud chasers are known as professional vapers, it has become quite the phenomenon as people are signing up for and partaking in cloud-blowing contests, which to the vapers are known as Cloud Competitions. The competitions involve vapers going against one another to exhale the largest and most impressive clouds of vapour smoke. To take this a step further, competitors will try to see who can make the most interesting shape, such as a ring or jellyfish, although these are usually executed by vape artists.

Vaping is becoming a very competitive industry and is attracting the public eye, cloud chasing relies on air flow, technique and using the correct technology. Vape companies are picking up on this and thus creating more devices that are specifically designed to create masses of vapour, and in turn enhancing competitive vaping.

These competitions are professionally judged and advertised, you can find them on various social media platforms and on forums that are dedicated to those who vape.

The novelty flavours are increasingly attracting young people who are becoming more and more involved in the culture around vaping and in these cloud competitions, rather than associating it as a smoking habit and a way to quit.

The liquids used in vapes have less propylene glycol and nicotine, instead they feature higher volumes of glycerin to create the cloud like effect. Vape professionals will construct their atomizers with heating coils that use a resistance of under one ohm in order to produce big puffs of vapour. Those who use such devices are experts, and there is an ongoing debate on whether stretching the batteries beyond the recommended margins is considered safe use.

Competitive vaping is subject to quite a lot of criticism. Some vapers believe that cloud chasing makes the community look bad and think that the whole thing is just a bit foolish in general. But it is a hobby in its own right. Some people spend hours upon hours putting puzzle pieces together that will ultimately just end up being smashed into bits once completed, and some people spend all day at comic book conventions. These pastimes are all valid, and should be able to be enjoyed freely. Get out there and chase those clouds!

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