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Pod Vapes 101 

Pod systems are one of the most popular vaping systems on the market at the minute. A pod system is a compact vape that uses pods instead of an atomizer. Although they are almost the same thing, vape pods make it much more compact than a regular vape. Nicotine salts have given rise to the pod system and give more of a cigarette-like hit.


Pod vapes are the perfect vaping system for those who are new to vaping as it isn’t much you have to learn to get you started. To use a Pod System all you need to do fill up your pod, insert it into the device and puff. Unlike normal vapes, Pod vapes are draw-activated and a button doesn’t need to be held down to activate the vapour. These devices are used for clouds of vapour like some, so If you are looking for a showy vape that emits big clouds of vapour than this is not the vape for you. They are used more for a nicotine hit than anything else, but the good thing is a bottle of juice can last you months!


We offer a wide range of Pod Systems, here are some of our favourites and best sellers:


  1. Vype ePen Pod 


The Vype ePen is lightweight and ergonomic with a sleek design. This vape is great for new users as it has a simple operation.


  1. Vladdin Pod 


The Vladdin RE kit has an efficient delivery system with controlled power. A pod device that uses refillable pods and is simple to use. These vape pens also come in a range of different colours for a more personalised touch.


  1. Juul 


The Juul vape is an extremely popular vape and is a great seller, especially in the US. They are stylish, discreet and incredibly lightweight so it’s great for travelling around in your pocket.




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