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UK Vape Rules

E-cigarettes have been available on the UK market for many years and since then they have continued to become a popular choice among smokers. Providing an alternative to highly damaging tobacco cigarettes, vaping enables a different kind of smoking experience which is safer and tastier. Here at Vape Resources, we want to ensure all of our customers are up to date on the current vaping laws in the UK, so grab your e-cig, sit back and relax as we give you a roundup of the rules and restrictions.


Rule 1

There are age restrictions to adhere to when purchasing or using e-liquids and e-cigarettes. The legal age in order to vape in the UK is 18 years old or over. There are also restrictions on models who can be used when promoting vaping as they have to look at least 25 or more. These age restrictions are put in place for good measure and aims to deter younger audiences to take up vaping. Here at Vape Resources we ensure to follow these rules by ensuring government ID is required when purchasing any of our products online.


Rule 2

Vaping equipment and devices must be safe and comply to any product restrictions. Since 2016, the EU have banned the use of vape juices which contain diacetyl. Additionally, nicotine strength is allowed to a maximum of 20mh/ml, clearomisers and cartridges are capped at 2ml and e-liquid at 10ml. We ensure all of our brilliant products meet these requirements and submit our product details to the government for approval six months before selling to our customers. Check out our range here.


Rule 3

Even though vaping is different to smoking, and usual laws on where you can and can’t smoke don’t always apply to e-cigarettes too, there are still certain restrictions on where you are able to vape.

  • Public Places – no legal ban however please make sure you are respectful to people around you. E-cigarette’s do not produce harmful secondary smoke like conventional cigarettes however, that isn’t to say everyone finds vaping acceptable to be around.
  • Work – rules and regulations will depend on the profession in which you are working in and we recommend you speak to your employer privately in order to be sure whether you are allowed to vape on the premises. Office environments and professions which involve face to face public contact will generally have strict restrictions in place.
  • Pubs – will have allocated smoking/vaping areas. Some pubs will allow indoor vaping; however, we recommend you ask prior to doing so just to be sure. Many hospitality establishments do regard e-cigarettes in the same way as conventional smoking.
  • Public Transport – generally have their own policies and procedures which prohibit vaping.
  • Driving – legally allowed to vape while driving. We do recommend to be extra careful if you choose to do this as exhaled vapour can restrict your view and concentration.

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