XTAR MC6C 6-Bay Charger


The XTAR MC6C charger is an all compatible 6 slot LCD smart Li-ion battery charger that has it all. This monitors each slot independently, has a micro USB and DC input so you can charge anywhere, an LCD screen to see real time status, multiple protections to ensure safe charging, high conversion rate and low heat generation, and an auto cut off when a battery is fully charged.

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XTAR MC6C 6-Bay Charger

Charge six batteries at the same time with this 6 slot charger to save time. This automatically adjusts charging current according to input power. With the USB and DC port take this anywhere to charge and can be used with a power bank giving more flexibility. The LCD screen shows charging current, capacity and status. Protections are built in to prevent over current, over charging, over voltage and short circuits.


  • Monitors and charges each slot independently
  • Adaptive and compatible
  • Charge anywhere
  • Clearly view real time charging status
  • multiple protections for safe charging
  • High conversion rate and low heat generation
  • Intelligent anti-reverse protection
  • Safe material
  • High precision, auto cut off when fully charged
  • 0V activation revives over discharged batteries
  • 3 state charging makes batteries healthier


  • Model: MC6C
  • Input: 5V 3A
  • Constant Current: 1.0Ax3 / 0.5Ax6
  • End of Charge Voltage: 4.2+-0.05V
  • End of Charge Current: =<120mA
  • Operating Temperature:  0-40C
  • Size: L 111mm x W 148mm x H34mm
  • Net Weight: 204.8g


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Weight 319 g
Dimensions 22.2 × 13.5 × 4 cm




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