Coil Art Pre-Built Vape Coils


Coil Art Pre-made and Handmade Coils have been designed for use with RDAs, RDTAs and RTAs. These high quality vape coils can be mounted into your favourite rebuildable atomiser quickly and efficiently. We stock a range of popular builds, such as: Alien, Clapton, Kanthal and Fused Clapton in both sub ohm and plus ohm resistances – making them ideal for advanced users of all vaping styles.


About Coil Art:

Established in 2016, CoilART is one of the global leading vape brands. Born for vapers. CoilART are committed to continuously design, research and develop trend products that vapers needed. Main products are atomizers, box mods, pods system, coils, etc. CoilART brand products charmed lots of vapers all over the world by outstanding quality and good service, and own millions of loyal fans. CoilART advocates healthy, stylish, shared lifestyle and vape culture around the world. Hosted the 1st Global trick competition, widely praised by global vapers and enthusiasts.

Build Options:

  • Alien Clapton 0.45ohm X 10: 
  • Clapton 0.85ohm X 10:
  • Fused Clapton 0.45ohm X 10:
  • Handmade Alien 0.3ohm X 5:
  • Handmade Fused Clapton 0.2ohm X 5:
  • Handmade Fused Clapton 0.3ohm X 5:
  • Kanthal 24G 0.6ohm X 10:
  • Nichrome 80 0.5ohm X 10:
  • SS316L 24G 0.5ohm X 10:
  • Tiger 0.36ohm X 10:

Additional information

Weight N/A
Dimensions N/A

10, 5


Resistance / Impedance

Alien Clapton 0.45ohm X 10, Clapton 0.85ohm X 10, Fused Clapton 0.45ohm X 10, Handmade Alien 0.3ohm X 5, Handmade Fused Clapton 0.2ohm X 5, Handmade Fused Clapton 0.3ohm X 5, Kanthal 24G 0.6ohm X 10, Nichrome 80 0.5ohm X 10, SS316L 24G 0.5ohm X 10, Tiger 0.36ohm X 10


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