Equilibrium CBD Infused Coffee – Whole Bean 100g (100mg CBD)


CBD Infused Coffee by Equilibrium (Whole Bean) is fair trade coffee straight from Colombia. Infused with CBD this is perfect for all you coffee lovers.

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CBD Infused Coffee by Equilibrium (Whole Bean) is a delicious, gourmet coffee infused with CBD. The flavoursome single origin coffee is a must have for any coffee lover. Each 7g serving size of coffee contains 7mg of CBD and there is exactly 14 servings per 100g of each package of coffee. This is presented nicely in a resealable foil bag for extra freshness within each cup.

The coffee itself is from Colombia which is single origin and medium roasted. This CBD infused coffee is rich in flavours which include toffee and walnut with a light citrus zest. Each cup of coffee is balanced and any acidity fades to a sweet and smooth finish.

How To Use:

Depending on how much coffee you drink it is recommended for 4-5 servings a day. Do not exceed 8 servings in 1 day.


  • Organic full spectrum hemp extract
  • Single origin Colombian coffee beans


  • 100g package
  • 100mg CBD (14 servings of 7mg)
  • Format: Whole Beans


  • These products contain no more 0.1% THC.

Storage: Store in a cool, dark place avoiding any direct sunlight.

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Citrus, Coffee, Toffee, Walnut, Zest

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