XTAR Panza XP4 Charger


Fast charge speed with 1.0A for four channels.

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• Fully charge four 2600mAh batteries in 3hrs
• Optional currents (4×0.25A/0.5A/1.0A), independent charging for each channel
• Discharge function to eliminate memory effect
• USB output function
• Wide adaptability.

This battery charger loads 10440/14500/16340/17670/18500 18350/14650//18650/18700 batteries. It is also suitable for AAA/AA/A/SC/C NiMH batteries.

The batteries are intelligently charged with extra security, the battery status is constantly being watched. A refresh procedure is installed, in case this should be necessary. The charger performs a self-test when switched on.

You use the button to switch between a charging current of 250 mA, 500 mA, or a charging current of 1000 mA. Our Eden Quality 18650 batteries are recommended to be charged at 1000 mA.

If you have a full Lithium-ion battery in the charger, you can start the USB power supply by pressing the button 1.5 seconds. This USB power supply can be used to charge, for example, a phone or tablet. The charging current for this is up to 1000 mA. Please note, this feature works only if the charger is not connected to a power source. The battery provides the energy.

Product specifications:

  • Charging is always safe, thanks to microprocessor control: it doesn’t charge non-rechargeable batteries and switches off when it gets over heated
  • The USB power supply can be used to charge devices which you would normally connect to a USB connection on a computer to charge. In this
  • case, the (fully charged) battery is used as the power supply for the USB connection.
  • Charging stops at 4,2 V
  • Charger is supplied without batteries
  • Working temperature 0-40 ºC

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