XTAR SC1 Charger


XTAR SC1 Charger is a single bay charger with fast charging technology inside. The XTAR SC1 is portable and affordable while being packed with safety features.

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The XTAR SC1 Charger is a powerful and speedy charger for your li-ion batteries. With real 2A fast charging the average charge time for an 18650 battery is 1.25 hours. The SC1 can be charged anytime and anywhere with power being supplied through a micro USB charging port. The Sc1 is also compatible with 5V USB power including all formats from wall adaptors, solar panels, power banks and other power supplying devices. Simple to read with the LED indicator and packed with safety options such as reverse polarity, short circuit, overcharge, and overheat protection.

The SC1 is able to charge many different sizes which include 18350, 18500, 18650, 20700, 21700, 26650 Li-ion batteries in IMR, INR, ICR, NCR compositions.

Box includes:

  • 1 x XTAR SC1 Charger
  • 1 x Micro USB Charging Cable


  • Model: SC1
  • Input: DC 5V 2.1A
  • Constant Current: 2AX1
  • End of Charge Voltage: 4.20+/-0.05V
  • End of Charge Current: =<120mA
  • Operating Temperature: 0-40C
  • Size: L 35mm x W 105mm x H 39mm
  • Net Weight: 37g

Safety Tips:

  • Never leave a charger unattended overnight
  • Keep charger out of direct sunlight
  • Never use your charger to store cells. When cells are finished charging, remove them from your charger.

Additional information

Weight 88 g
Dimensions 12.6 × 14.5 × 3.1 cm



Micro USB


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