Pro Vibe Distillate CBD Vape Cart 100ml 0.5ml 20% CBD- Gelato


The Pro Vibe Distillate Vape Cart (Gelato) is a 100% natural CBD vape cartridge made with a specific strain of terpenes.

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The Pro Vibe Distillate Vape Cart (Gelato) is going to be your new go to CBD vape product.

This CBD cartridge are made from 100% natural ingredients and made in the UK. Each CBD vape cart contains 0.5ml of broad spectrum distillate and contains a minimum of 100mg of CBD (20% strength minimum). These CBD vape carts are 100% vegan friendly and with a 510 thread can be used with the majority of vaping batteries and or mods.

Why Pro Vibe? 

Not only are these vape carts vegan friendly and 100% natural but they are also made using strain specific terpenes. What does this mean? Well, unlike most other cbd vape products, the terpenes used in these carts (terpenes are what gives a cannabis plant its smell and taste) are taken directly from the actually strain of cannabis plant and are not made synthetically like most other brands do. So this means that if you choose to buy a Gelato Pro Vibe vape cart, for example, the flavours and smells that you experience are the actual flavours/smells you would get from a Gelato strain of cannabis. Most other brands would simply use terpenes from all different plants in order to synthetically create the taste of Gelato whereas our carts are the real deal!

These Pro Vibe cbd vape carts are made to the highest standards. No corners have been cut in order to create this product, it is completely natural and clean, the only ingredients in our carts are broad spectrum distillate and strain derived terpenes, that’s it! You will not find any PG, PEG, VG, MCT oil or any other ingredients in these vape carts. Clean, simple and effective!


  • Broad spectrum hemp extract containing a minimum of 20% CBD.
  • Strain derived terpenes


  • Do not over tighten the cartridge to your used battery, finger tight is sufficient
  • Do not use this cartridge over 12W (4.2V) as you risk prematurely burning out the coil
  • Do not remove the liquid from the cartridge
  • Do not ingest

Note: These products contain no more than 0.1% THC

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