LYFT – Berry Frost


The fusion of the seasons! Taste the combination of raspberry, blueberry and blackberries of the summer and feel how it melts together with the cooling fresh mint and menthol harshness of the cold winter air.

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Nicotine Redefined

To support people to participate in everyday adventures, LYFT delivers the generation on-the-go a new way of stimulation. With NO tobacco LYFT present their all-white nicotine pouches. If you were not aware it is not tobacco, but nicotine that delivers stimulation. LYFT provides that same stimulation effect, however without tobacco.

How To Use:

Place the pouch between your lip and gum for a minimum of 5-10 minutes while the nicotine and flavour is released. Every experience can be slightly different. First you should feel a tingling effect, but this feeling will disappear in a few minutes. You can enjoy this for up to 1 hour. When the effect wears off, take the pouch out and discard it in the lid of the can. This is discreet which means this can be done anywhere at anytime with no need for a device.


  • Stimulation on demand
  • Discreet & invisible to others
  • 2 Strengths available (4mg & 6mg)
  • No device needed

Made from:

Contains natural fibers from Scandinavian pine trees and eucalyptus, nicotine, water, stabilisers and flavouring agents as a base.

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