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Welcome to Vape Resources

Thank you for visiting Vape Resources. Proud purveyors of all things vape, we distribute CBD vape pens, E Liquid, Mod Batteries and much, much more. Supplying everything from vape tanks to offering advice and information on vaping we are on hand to help you with all your vaping requirements. Whether you are looking to quit smoking or enjoy the benefits of CBD choose Vape Resources today!

Who are we?

Vape Resources was founded by a group of vape enthusiasts who recognise the great qualities of Vaping and CBD. Our products are designed with vape users at their core and for this reason are an excellent choice for beginner and experienced vapers.

Our aim is to help people stop smoking by providing them with an alternative which will better their lifestyles, as well as those surrounding them.  Offering fantastic advice on how to battle smoking as well as lots of information about the benefits of CBD we want to improve our customer’s lives. Moreover, we are happy to provide a fantastic loyalty scheme as well as a host of e-liquid subscriptions which we think will make the move to vaping even easier.

Did you know?

An estimated 2.9 million adults in the UK have now switched to e-cigarettes. Of this 2.9 million, 1.5 million have completely stopped smoking!  E-cigarettes carry a fraction of the risk of cigarettes.

Vaping has a range of benefits over smoking, please find some listed below:

  1. Less harmful chemicals
  2. Less hazardous to health
  3. Less addictive
  4. Help quits smoking
  5. Variety of flavours
  6. Less harmful for others
  7. Not harmful for the environment
  8. Convenient to use
  9. A cheaper alternative
  10. No residue, meaning no need for an astray

At Vape Resources we sell a wide range of organic CBD vaping pens. Vaping is a fast and convenient way of consuming CBD. Our CBD vapes are an efficient way to ingest CBD oil quickly with fast acting effects. Vaping helps thje CBD to reach your blood stream quickly, meaning that you will feel the effects of the CBD within a few minutes. We recommend CBD for a perfect solution for flair ups, seizures, anxiety or panic attacks.

What Is CBD?

CBD is a non-psychoactive cannabinoid that does not contain THC. It is extracted from the cannabis plant and provides a range of health benefits without users experiencing the high sensation associated with cannabis. Vaping is a non-invasive and natural way of ingesting CBD into the body and our customers love it!

Please note, CBD is nutrient rich and does not cause dependency for its users.

CBD has a range of benefits, please find some listed below:

  • Combat daily pain
  • Reduce nausea
  • Reduce symptoms of cancer
  • Combat blood sugar spikes
  • Reduce anxiety
  • Improve stress
  • Promote sleep
  • Help symptoms of epilepsy
  • And many more…


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