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Bootleg vaping: what you need to know 

What are they?


Bootleg vaping is the term used to refers to unlicensed mixologists making their own e-liquids and selling them on the black market or to dealers who then sell them to the public. Usually, they are regular vape pod devices that have been tampered with and filled with chemicals that give the user a high. THC, the same chemical found in Marijuana, is found in the counterfeit cartridges.


The cocktail of chemicals is created in laboratories as a replica of normal THC. The chemical cocktail is 100 times stronger than natural THC and therefore are more dangerous and have abnormal effects.


What is legal? 


With CBD oils on the rise, it can be confusing to some as to what is legal and what is illegal in the UK. CBD and THC come from the same cannabis plant. Most legal CBD products contain a small trace of TBD, which is usually no more than 0.2%. In comparison, the average cannabis sold in the UK has a 16.2% of THC.


In the US there are multiple different laws on cannabis all varying by state and weed pens are extremely popular in the US in areas where cannabis is legal and even endorsed by celebrities like Snoop dog. These products that have been legalised will, of course, have been tested and regulated for harmful products. However, in areas where Cannabis is illegal such as in the UK and other states of the US the same product will be found on dodgy websites or on the street from a drug dealer and they will all most likely be filled with illegal and harmful chemicals.


To ensure you are abiding by the law make sure you purchase e-liquids from legitimate vendors like ourselves, even for products containing no CBD or nicotine.


The effects


Last year in 2019 there was over 100 reported cased of lung ailments in teenagers and young people, which caused by vaping these counterfeit liquids. This would not have happened from smoking FDA approved liquids that are sold by legal and safe vendors.


To avoid lung problems and running into trouble with the law ensure that you know what is legal and what is not and only buy from legitimate vendors and not from places like the black market or off the street. The chances are these products will be illegal and because of that they wouldn’t have been tested or regulated and will be filled with harmful substances that wouldn’t usually pass an FDA check.



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