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Is vaping safe? The benefits and side effects

The big question on everyone’s minds when it comes to vaping is- is it safe? Which is a completely valid question to ask when considering taking up vaping. Some people also want to know if the benefits of vaping outweigh the negatives of smoking in order to make that leap from cigarettes to a vape pen.


Vaping is fairly new so the long-term effects haven’t been fully explored so It cannot be said that vaping is completely risk-free, however vaping is safer than smoking. Therefore, it is a far better alternative for people looking to give up smoking without going completely cold turkey.


There are certain products circulating the market currently that are unsafe which you should be cautious of. These products are bootleg THC that are mixed with vitamin-E acetate. These products are already illegal but are still available to buy and these illegal substances are causing death and illness. As long as you are sensible about what you put into your vape and are buying from responsible vendors- vaping remains safer than smoking.


Public health England has also found that E-Cigarettes and vapes are contributing to over 20,000 people successfully quitting cigarettes every year and they also found that they are 95% less harmful than smoking cigarettes. Although not proven to be 100% safe, studies do show that they are doing more good than harm in terms of helping people quit smoking for good.


The benefits of vaping



Smoking cigarettes can leave a nasty lingering smell that can be offensive to others. Vaping offers a much less offensive and sometimes pleasant smell after use. The smell doesn’t linger on clothes as much as cigarette smoke and will not ruin any furniture.



There are many vape juices available that give you the chance to try out new flavours and nicotine levels to suit you. There is also a plethora of vape pen options available to try and find the best one for your vaping needs.


Control over your nicotine intake:

This aspect can really help when looking to quit smoking and nicotine completely. You can choose to start your nicotine level off high until you are barely smoking anything at all. This makes it easy to eliminate it completely.



Tar is the toxic ingredient in tobacco that is the damaging ingredient in cigarettes. When tar builds up in the lungs it can lead to lung problems such as cancer, emphysema or other problems. Most Vapes and E-Cigarettes don’t contain this ingredient making it a lot safer than smoking tobacco.


Whiter Teeth:

Vaping doesn’t stain your teeth as much as smoking cigarettes will. A lot of smokers suffer from yellow teeth and nails which most people can find annoying. The only way vaping will stain your teeth is if it has tar or colouring in it.


Side effects 


One of the side effects of vaping is dehydration. Vaping can cause a dry mouth or throat and even cause your skin to become itchy and flaky. This happens because the vapour attracts the water molecules surrounding it. If you experience any of these issues, make sure to drink plenty of water and stay hydrated.


Some people can also experience dizziness if you are experiencing an excessive intake of nicotine. If you feel dizzy, then you are probably vaping more nicotine than your body can handle. Therefore, just switch to a lower strength of nicotine- vaping makes this an easy switch.


Additionally, there can be some side effects that aren’t directly caused by vapour liquids but by the maintenance of cleaning your vape. If you fail to keep the mouthpiece clean you could be susceptible to canker sores. Canker sores are small, shallow blisters inside the mouth. But if you keep the mouthpiece clean this side effect can be avoided.

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