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What are the benefits of CBD?

CBD oil is a naturally occurring oil that is rich in cannabinoids.  Cannabinoids are a group of compounds that help to maintain body homoeostasis.  They already exist in the human body as part of the endocannabinoid system and help to minimise chronic pain, reduce inflammation in the nervous system, and treat conditions in the organs and immune cells.


CBD oils are legal and completely safe to use, containing no addictive qualities.


The benefits of CBD include the following:

  • To alleviate pain and cancer-related symptoms
  • Alleviate symptoms of nausea and vomiting
  • Ease muscle spasms and pain associated with multiple sclerosis and other conditions.
  • Due to the overwhelming amount of benefits CBD can have on our body, including aiding insomnia, CBD is also perfect for anxiety.
  • Provide antidepressant effects, including PTSD.
  • Treating certain types of epilepsy.
  • Reducing symptoms of acne, supporting the immune system and reducing inflammation.


Vaping is a fast, efficient and convenient way to ingest CBD.  Through vaping, CBD reaches your bloodstream faster meaning that the effects can be felt within just a few minutes.  Due to this fast action, vaping CBD is great for those who suffer anxiety attached and epileptic seizures as it can combat them fast and effectively.


Please note vaping CBD contains no nicotine and is a non-addictive vaping alternative to nicotine vaping.


At Vape Resources we stock a wide range of CBD infused vapes coming in a range of flavours and strengths.   Whether you prefer blackcurrant or menthol, strawberry or mango flavour, we have something to suit every taste.

For those new to CBD vaping we can offer further guidance and information, just give us an email and one of trusty team members will get in touch with you. 

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