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Perfecting the Taste

There are many reasons why vaping has taken the UK market by storm, replacing many peoples conventional smoking habits and attracting people to a newer and safer device. Taste is one of them! Vaping e-cigarettes enables you to choose unique and impressive flavours; the options are endless. Throughout the Vape Resources website, we offer a vast range of different flavours to suit all tastes whether they are sweet, tangy, harsh or smooth – we really do have something for everyone. All of the items we sell offer extremely high-quality products, at affordable prices. Our e-liquids are full of flavour and definitely don’t lack in the strength of the flavours you can taste. However, with that being said there are actually a few steps you can take to make your disposable e-cig even better, maximising that bang bang juice!

  • Adjust the Settings

Play around with the settings on your personal device; tailoring it to your exact preference. Different settings decrease or increase the amount of juice coming out. We recommend you start at a low setting and work your way up until you find your perfect solution.

  • Reduce Airflow

Closing off and reducing the airflow creates a denser, warmer vape that carries a lot more flavour.

  • Coil Choice

Choosing your preferred coil and sub ohm tank alters the amount of flavour you receive. If you aren’t afraid to get hands on, making your own coil from rebuildable atomizers can offer the ultimate taste experience.

  • Wicking and Coil Materials

The material you use for your wick is important too, with the likes of Japanese organic cotton, cellucotton, and tea-cotton being firm favourites in producing great flavours.

  • PG Juices

Choosing higher-PG juices will generally lead to better flavour.

If the airflow holes on your device are underneath your coils, flavour can be improved due to the direct path to the mouthpiece. Within our sub ohm tanks, this is generally standard, hence they are often known for providing such delicious flavour.

For you flavour craves out there, have you tried a narrower-bore drip tip? Some may disagree but others swear by it boosting the flavour that little bit more.

Keep it clean guys! It is evident that a better taste can be experienced with fresh wicks, coils and tanks. So, although you don’t need to rinse your coil or change it after every flavour change, maybe consider changing it but after a couple of days to ensure you are still receiving an intense, rich flavour.


  • Switch It Up

Just like every flavour, sometimes it can become boring. Why not switch up your flavours and experience new intense tastes. Alternatively, you can always refresh your palate by having some water or even sucking on a lemon.

Here at Vape Resources we provide you with the very best vaping products available on the market. Once you have hold of your amazing choices, you mustn’t forget to look after them properly. It is important to store your e-liquid correctly to prevent the flavours from degrading; keeping them away from heat and light.

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