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Choosing vape, without the sacrifice

The vaping experience is obviously slightly different to smoking, and for some smokers, taking the leap from smoking cigarettes to vaping can seem quite daunting. However, at Vape Resources we are here to tell you why you should do exactly that and take the leap, without sacrificing anything. We can promise you that a vaping can fill that role of smoking in your life, and be a much better option for you to take.

For some smokers, they love the harsh hit at the back of their throat when they inhale during smoking, and are often fearful that vaping will never live up to that standard. This couldn’t be further from the truth though, with e-cigarettes providing not only delicious flavour, but in some cases, a punchy hit at the back of the throat too. That isn’t to say that all disposable e-cigarettes come with that intense throat hit; for some people, a smoother approach works best.

The feeling produced on the back of the throat when you inhale an e-cig is what we are referring to when we say throat hit. Depending on the type of disposable e-cig you have chosen, the harsh hit similar to smoking cigarettes can be replicated with a mixture of our high quality and affordable products. However, if that isn’t particularly important for you, our product range is extremely versatile, and we also offer e-cigs and vaping kits that produce a gentle throat hit which is much smoother on the back of your throat when the vapour goes down.

It is all about tailoring your preferences, which is made easier through our Vape Resources website. Here you can browse our impressive range of vaping kits, e-liquid and coils in order to create your perfect vape. We offer a range of products at reasonable prices, ensuring we have something for everyone. Our kits range from basic starter kits to sub ohm kits to hardware, and our e-liquid ranges from closed pods to pre-mixed to nicotine shots. The opportunities are endless with vaping; inhaling flavours you could only dream of if you were smoking boring, ordinary cigarettes. Why wouldn’t you want to vape your favourite flavours like apple strudel, wild berries, vanilla or crisp mint.

Interestingly, we bet that if you make that change from smoking to vaping, the throat hit will take a back seat, and your priority will be all about the flavour and magnificent clouds you can create from vaping. With vaping, your experience can be adjusted and perfected to exactly what you are looking for. So, we say, choose vaping – without the sacrifice.

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