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Common vape problems and their solutions

Common vape problems and their solutions

Vapes are lovable little machines – but like all machines, they can develop problems and malfunction from time to time. Everybody wants a smooth and faultless experience with their vape, but there are a lot of problems that can crop up and get in the way. Luckily, there are also some very easy fixes to most of these problems – and if you bone up on them here, you’ll be able to fix them quick as a flash whenever they arise, and go puffing on your merry way.

Not getting enough vapour

As the name suggests, when you vape you want to be getting a fair amount of vapour. So when you suddenly start getting less vapour from your puff, it’s disappointing to say the least. Yet worry not, because this is, for the most part, a simple problem. A lack of vapour is most often caused by blockages to airflow and gunked up mouthpieces. Clean your mouthpiece out, and make sure there are no obstructions in the pen, and you’ll be back in business.

Leaking tank

If the tank on your e-pen started leaking, you’d understandably be more than a little worried. However, usually, this is a minor problem with an easy solution. A lot of leakages are caused by an improper securing of the tank, so make sure that you’ve actually screwed it on correctly! If that doesn’t work, check the o-ring to make sure that it’s undamaged and in the right place. You should also check for any cracks in the tank.

Gurgling noises

When you go to take a puff on your e-pen, the last thing you want to hear is a gurgling noise. Don’t worry though, it doesn’t mean your pen is breaking down – the most likely explanation is that you’ve simply overfilled the tank. In most cases, draining some of the fluid should get rid of any gurgling noises. Gurgling can also occur if the tank isn’t properly secured, or you’re just drawing too hard on the pen.

Battery problems

The heart of any gadget is its battery – so when something appears to go wrong with the power supply, people get very concerned. However, before deciding that you need a whole new pen, make sure that your battery terminal and tank are suitably clean. Gunk on the terminal can interfere with the connection, so from time to time, it’ll help to give the terminal a gentle cleaning.

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