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Why CBD is the next big health supplement

Why CBD is the next big health supplement

Although the benefits of the cannabis plant have been known to many for centuries, it’s only recently that a softening of government policy has allowed these benefits to be made public.

Research that uncovered techniques to remove the psychoactive elements of the plant led to a wave of discoveries, taking our understanding of CBD to new heights. What was once stigmatised as an illegal drug is now seen as one of the most important health supplements on the market, with millions of people around the world benefitting from its effects. These people range from the elderly to sports stars, with professional athletes using CBD to enhance performance and recovery.

Why is CBD so effective?

The research into CBD is still in its infancy, but already some interesting discoveries are being made. There is really strong evidence that CBD can improve sleep quality and depth. This has a huge effect on your quality of life because sleep underpins everything – your immunity, your stress, your hormones, your recovery from exercise, your brain function. Improve sleep and you improve so many other aspects of your life.

Reducing feelings of anxiety

CBD has also been shown to reduce feelings of anxiety. In a high-stress world with global pandemics, lockdowns, long working hours, 24/7 communications, social media and the like, mental health issues are on the rise. CBD has been shown to reduce feelings of anxiety, and it’s doing this without the psychoactive elements of the plant that make you high as well, so it’s completely legal!

Pain relief

Pain relief is another huge benefit of CBD. Regular CBD ingestion has shown to reduce pain across the board, with people suffering from arthritic pain, muscle pain, joint pain, headaches etc all reporting a reduction in pain symptoms, allowing them to live a more normal life. This is a massive step forward for a lot of people.

CBD is easy to take and available in a wide variety of doses and delivery mechanisms – you can eat it in gummies, vape it, take it in tinctures and oils, drink it and even take it via balms, creams and cosmetics. We’re only just beginning to understand how good CBD is, so the future for it is exciting!

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