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What vaping trends can we expect to see in 2020?

What vaping trends can we expect to see in 2020? Vaping has changed a lot since its inception. It has evolved and shifted in ways that couldn’t be predicted, and 2020 is looking set to be just as exciting a year for vaping. With new technologies and the desire to innovate ripe within the industry, we’ve compiled some of the vaping trends you’re most likely to see and hear about this coming year.

1. Smaller vaping devices

Innovation in technology often involves shrinking it, and vaping is no exception. Already we’ve seen vaping devices become smaller and more easily transportable, and that’s a trend that looks likely to continue into 2020. We can expect to see devices become smaller and perform better, making vaping easier and more accessible than ever before in the coming months. Check out our range of pod kits here.

2. Increase in flavoured e-cig demand

One of the main appeals of an e-cigarette compared to the traditional kind is that they come in a huge array of different flavours, and as such, users are always looking for new and exciting flavours and blends to try. While some people may have been concerned that flavoured vaping devices might become illegal in the UK, there’s no evidence this is going to be the case, making the flavoured e-cigarette trend more in demand than ever. Check out our range of E-liquid here.

3. Mobile-controlled devices

One very exciting trend we might be seeing this year is the introduction of vaping devices that can be controlled through your mobile phone. Already some of the latest models have Bluetooth interconnectivity, giving you the power to see your device’s status and even control it. While this new type of vaping device is currently pretty costly, we can expect to see much more affordable options entering the market in the coming months.

4. More regulations

While there’s a lot to be excited about this year, we must also be aware that more regulations regarding the use of e-cigarettes are likely to come into play to safeguard users. It’s always important to stay aware when using cigarettes to ensure you don’t hurt yourself or those around you. These regulations will come as a protective measure to keep everyone safe, so always keep an eye on government guidelines. Or check back to the Vape Resources blog for the latest insights.

Photo by Felipe Parucker from Pexels

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